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Posted 7/12/2016

The RMC meets first Sunday of the month at the Lutheran Church in Sterling at 3:00.  They are always looking for new members and ideas

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Posted 7/12/2016

People have been very generous and we were able to get the gravel for the church parking lot.

Material for the garage roof and work will start soon. If you can help call Randy O'Laughlin or call the church 879-3759

The last project is new lighting for the upstairs office and parking lot. $500.00 is still needed. Kepp us in your prayers to meet our goal.

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Saturday Family Worship & Potluck


Posted 4/24/2016

Pastor Reed has a new hip and is home recovering.  Send him a card and keep him in your prayers. Ros too.

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Posted 2/8/2016

We now have a date July 24th, cost will be $9.50  The sign up sheet will be posted on the bulletin board. Sign up before July 1st.

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Like us on Facebook

Posted 2/6/2016

To keep current and updated like us  on Facebook.  If you would like to add something contact:

Katie Thomas 

989 708-2184

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Summer Day Camp

Posted 1/27/2016

Friday July 15th 3:00PM to Sunday July 17th 2:00PM  At Russell and Darlene LaFave's Serengeti Ranch, Gladwin. Open to children ages 5 - 15. Cost $20.00 per person.

Young adults 16-18 are encouraged to come and be "CAMP COUNSELORS" Adults young and old are encouraged to volunteer.  Registration deadline is APRIL 15th, contact the church to register. We are looking for volunteers to help. There will be a meeting in May, to plan and organize. You can volunteer for a day, the weekend or even a few hours.

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Share your News or Event

Posted 1/27/2016

Contact Peggy Schaffer at   I will post any and all happenings.

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Lets Get Re-Aquainted

Posted 1/25/2016

Evangelism will be contacting you in the future.  We are starting a new project called LETS GET RE-AQUAINTED.

We will featuring one family in newsletter or bulletin that everyone can get to know you better. So in the future someone will be getting contact with you.  Save up those stories.

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Posted 1/24/2016

Please check out our website, and comment on anything you would like to see, or any suggestions.

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